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creating a hydraulic pipe fittings benchmark

The company is mainly engaged in the production of hydraulic parts for automobiles and construction machinery. It also produces non-standard and special pipe joints. It has long-term cooperation with Eaton Company of the United States, with leading strength, strong foundation and perfect after-sales
The products are sold well in 20 provinces and cities nationwide and exported to Europe and West Asia indirectly.

Seiko products, excellent quality More than 1000 customers provide products

There are various types of pipe joints, such as ferrule type pipe joints, flared pipe joints, welded pipe joints, etc., totaling 10 categories, more than 7,000 specifications. Strictly follow ISO9001:2000 quality management. The system, in terms of management, is centered on quality management. It is widely used in the fluid connection piping system of automobiles, ships, mining machinery, compressors, metallurgical machinery and other industries.

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Production and sales in strict accordance with national standards, to ensure that each factory product quality is qualified! With perfect qualifications and perfect after-sales service, you can have peace of mind! National Service Hotline: 086-574-62970745
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  • Metal hose fixed stainless steel lock

    It is a hose fixed stainless steel lock, also known as metal hose joint. The main material is SUS304 stainless steel. It is waterproof, dustproof, shock absorbing, corrosion resistant and sealed with metal hose.The end type outer wire lock head and 45/90 degre...



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